Akhir-akhir ini saya sedang mulai merasa jengah dengan banyaknya tumpukan barang di kamar. Maklum sih. Sekarang saya beserta suami dan anak menumpang di rumah orang tua. Jadi dari ” family space” yang tadinya satu rumah sendiri dengan dua kamar tidur, ruang tamu/keluarga, dan dapurnya terpaksa harus kami padatkan menjadi satu ruang tidur saja dengan beberapa spot untuk menaruh barang di ruang lainnya. Tapi sejak saya mulai beberes minggu lalu saya merasa memang sebenarnya kami punya terlalu banyak barang yang kebanyakan tidak kami pakai. Jadi dengan semangat 45 saya mulai membuat misi untuk “merampingkan” barang-barang kami. Jujur saja saya sebenarnya masih merasa sayang membuang beberapa barang dan sepertinya saya akan menghabiskan satu bulan untuk memutuskan mana yang akan saya keep, mana yang akan saya jual, dan yang mana yang akan saya berikan ke orang.

Menindaklanjuti niat saya untuk hidup dengan lebih sedikit barang, saya mulai iseng membaca beberapa blog mengenai hidup minimalis. Dan… whoa! Saya memutuskan hidup total minimalis bukanlah untuk saya. Saya ingin hidup dengan lebih sedikit barang tapi harus saya akui bahwa barang-barang esensial yang saya butuh/inginkan masih jauh lebih banyak dari yang biasanya dimiliki oleh para penikmat hidup minimalis di luar sana. So, it’s safe to say, saya hanya ingin menjadi “hampir minimalis.”

Karena usaha perampingan barang ini sepertinya akan memakan banyak waktu (ditambah dengan waktu untuk berpikir do I need this or do I just want this kind of thing)… which I really mean… banyakkkk waktu. Saya mulai membuat daftar kategori yang esensial untuk memudahkan saya mensortir barang-barang yang ada. Saya juga mulai mendesain layout lantai atas untuk menge-plot barang-barang tersebut.

Kynan sudah berumur satu tahun sekarang dan dari sebelum dia lahir saya punya keinginan untuk mendidik dia dengan metode Montessori. Jadi, luckily, dengan sebegitu banyak barang yang saya punya (yupe, saya sadar barang-barang saya jauh lebih banyak dari barang-barang Pakpak dan Kynan) saya punya bayangan bagaimana saya harus memulai. Singkatnya, metode Montessori menekankan practical life untuk early educationnya; dan dari satu ebook yang saya beli, si penulis meng-highlight bahwa kerapihan dan keteraturan adalah salah satu kunci untuk membantu si anak mengatur pikirannya di masa depan. Saya menulis lebih lanjut mengenai hal ini di link ini.


Memang yang paling sulit dari segala sesuatu adalah memulai. Tapi hari ini adalah hari baru dan saya rasa saya sudah memulainya dengan baik karena saya berhasil memaksa diri untuk pergi berenang pagi ini (Yayy!!!!). Mumpung adik saya yang paling kecil sudah pulang ke rumah, saya akan mulai menata kamar sepulang dari sini. I am so excited! Wish me luck!!!


kynango, traveling

Eversince Kynan was merely a bun in the oven, I have been obsessing on taking him places. The original reason was actually a bit selfish: I have always loved traveling and I didn’t want to give up just because I have a kid. Not long after that, that I have started to look for more justifiable reasons to travel with Ky. Here’s some of it.

First, traveling stimulates children: that smell of the different air, those different things on the side of the road, and the plethora of new activities to experience. Second, traveling trains children to be more adaptable: the different time zones, the unfamiliar new places to sleep in, the means of traveling with all its limitations; you name it, traveling got it. Third, traveling allows children to be more sociable: the different faces, the hellos and goodbyes, or the smiles of the person sitting across from you. Sure it comes with the woohoos and the yoohoos, but so far I can tell you this: It’s totally worth the trouble!

Ky has yet to visit more than ten, but I intend to add more and more on the list. While we are actually based in Bekasi, here are the ten cities that Ky has been to up until he’s one year old now:

  1. Jakarta (although Bekasi is already sort of a part of Jakarta, it’s a totally different city so I have to put it on the list )
  2. Bogor (naturally, it’s really near and a no fuss to go to)
  3. Tangerang (a bit farther but even a visit to IKEA is like a vacation for us)
  4. Karawang (Ky had his first swimming here)
  5. Subang (went to Ciater and literally swam in the middle of the night)
  6. Semarang (stayed overnight and only for the food adventure on the way to Jogja)
  7. Jogja (went there twice already: on a road trip and by air)
  8. Bali (OK, it’s an island but the name explains it all, went there twice already too)
  9. Timika (spent four nights here and took quite a stroll in this small town)
  10. Tembagapura (spent two full months here, Ky first sit by himself here)

I am hoping to add these cities to the list before he’s two:

  1. Bandung
  2. Singapore
  3. Bangkok
  4. Ayutthaya
  5. Pattaya
  6. Johor Bahru
  7. Kuala Lumpur
  8. Penang
  9. Siem Reap
  10. Hanoi
  11. Ho Chi Minh City
  12. Rome
  13. Vatican
  14. Paris
  15. Amsterdam
  16. Brussels
  17. Oslo
  18. Pisa
  19. Barcelona
  20. Fatima
  21. Krakow
  22. Warsaw
  23. Moscow

Yeah, I know it’s a really long list but we need to dream big, right? First step is making Ky a passport. Yayyy!!!


Hello Again, Bali!!!

I am taking Ky  to Bali again this long weekend. The difference is this time it will be just me, Ky, and Pakpak. Also, this trip is sort of a more carefully planned trip. In Ky’s first trip, we were just on a stopover (a quite long one, I suppose) returning home from Papua; and Pakpak wasn’t with us. Our bags were countless considering I had to move out from jobsite. So this time is actually our first time going with Ky as an almost toddler. Yup, he’s going to turn 1 in May and I am pretty excited about it.

Of course this will not be Ky’s first trip. As a baby he’s been around quite often, not the country-to-country type of thing, but I say he’s been around more than some of the people we know. We took him to Jogja on a road trip when he was 3 months old, took him on his first short “flight” trip to Jogja again when he was 6 months, a long “flight” trip to Papua (that’s a 6 hours flight – 12 hours if you include the travel and waiting time from our home to the airport) when he was 7 months, 4 helicopters ride between 7-9  months old, and a number of road trip to Karawang, Bogor, and Bandung. Check the links should you want to read more about those trips.

Anyway, I found that the stuff I am bringing is more or less the same with the stuff I brought on the flight trip to Jogja, but definitely far less then what I had brought on the first road trip (I guess the feeling of “would have the car all the time” contributed in this), and the trip to Papua (we were going to stay there for 4 months, the diapers are hell expensive there and I was pumping to get my breastmilk stock, so yeah, far less).  With “escapes” I have to think carefully on what to bring so as not too bring too much or too much in that case. I don’t like carrying too many bags, especially plastic bags or carry-on bags, when I am travelling. My husband actually doesn’t mind if he has to, but I like us to travel light so that our hand would always be free should one needs help from the other.

Having those thoughts in mind, here are pretty much what I packed and had packed (yes, of course I did the packing) for our 4 Days and 3 Nights trip to Bali and to the short trip to Jogja last year:

  • One cabin size luggage (20″)

Although we usually still check-in the luggage so that we are more free to roam around the airport, I always prefer to use this luggage size for the three of us for a trip between 3 to 8 days. I actually packed an 18″ luggage (expandable using zipper) when we went to the Jogja short trip. But that one is already broken now so I borrowed my mother’s 20″ luggage (non expandable) from my mother.

Here’s what’s in it:

For Ky, I packed 8 t-shirts,1 shirt, 2 casual shorts, 2 short jeggings, 1 sleeping pants, 3 pairs of socks, and 12 diapers.  I also packed his swimming pants and cap, a pair of sunglasses, 1 pair of shoes and a hat. For practical purpose, I brought his tether, his favorite plastic doughnut, a slabber, a kiddy car seat, and a baby wrap (Cuddle Me Easy Wrap; for review you can click here). He will be going on the flight wearing a long jegging, a t-shirt, a sweater vest, and of course a pair of socks.

For Pakpak, I packed 8 t-shirts (Bali can be really hot and we tend to sweat a lot), 2 shorts, 1 light trousers, 1 swimming pants, underpants, 1 pair of socks, and a pair of sandals. I am bringing him an extra shirt if he wants to change at the airport later. He will go to the airport directly from work and most probably riding an ojek to beat the Jakarta traffic.

For me, I packed 4 tank tops, 1 t-shirt, 2 shorts, 1 miniskirt, 1 sleeping shirt, 1 short dress, 1 long dress for church, undies and bras, 1 swimming suit, and a pair of sandals. I feel I over packed but who cares, I like to have options later. Although, most probably you won’t see too much of a difference in the pictures later. Haha. I will be going wearing a pair of leggings, short dress and cardigan, and a pair of shoes.

  • One small foldable backpack

I am packing one pouch of Ky’s travel essentials: diapers, wet towels and stuff and put it in my backpack. I also bring my wallet, my phone, my charger, and my laptop in it which I will transfer in my husband’s backpack at the airport. I also bring a small pouch containing my medicine, a rub, Band-Aids, and warm patch.

  • One laptop backpack and a traveling stroller (we will bring it as carry-on)

The backpack will consists of my husband’s work laptop and my laptop. Our traveling stroller brand is kiddopotamus and you can read our review on it here.

I am a big fan of travelling light and writing this make me extra aware of what’s in the bags we are bringing. I used a list to keep me on track and I tried to imagine the day by day we are going to have so that I can plan carefully. Most of the time this was what kept me from overpacked. Although in reality, of course later I might make mistakes. For our trip this time I planned on having a nice stroll on the beach waiting for the sunset since we will arrive a little before 5 pm, then check-in to this nice villa our friend managed, Niramaya Villa, and most probably will be having dinner with him and his family; and that’ll be day one. On the next day I planned on taking Ky to Bali Zoo and maybe have a nice dinner by the beach in Jimbaran before we get together with our friend. On the third day we will go to church of course and well our agenda is pretty much open for relaxation and see what Ky likes to do. I like to plan but I also like to keep it spontaneous. I plan on doing nothing on the fourth day since our flight will be at 12:15. I think we might just swim in the morning,  grab a quick breakfast and head to the airport.

Talking about spontaneous, it is almost 9 AM and I need to get prepared for the trip. We will go from here at 11, make a quick stop at the mall to take my phone from the service center and head to the airport to catch our 1:40 PM flight. I will be updating the blog as soon as I have connection. I am so excited!!!